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I have decided to review the Litter Genie cat litter disposal system. I just happened to find this product while I was shopping for cat litter liners on Amazon. This is very similar to the Diaper Genie System which control odors associated with soiled diapers. I was already familiar with the Diaper Genie System since I have a young daughter so I was curious to see if it would work just as well with litter waste.

Before purchasing this system, it was always a pain to clean my cat’s litter box. Getting rid of my cat’s waste product involved using plastic shopping bags daily so I could take it out of the house. I did not have the option of just throwing it in the trash because that would have led to unpleasant odors lingering in the house. With the Litter Genie system now all I have to do is scoop the waste and dump it in the canister. The canister supplies an odor free system by sealing the waste inside a thickened plastic bag. So I don’t have to worry about emptying any bags for at least 2 weeks.

Even though you may not be familiar with the Diaper Genie System, the Litter Genie is pretty easy to use once set up. However, sometimes I found it challenging to replace the refill cartridges. The refill cartridge compartment can be tough to open up. Sometimes I felt like I would break the Litter Genie to get it to open.

The refills I find last about 8-10 weeks. The bag can hold about 2 weeks of waste before it needs to be emptied. Emptying the bag is pretty easy. The plastic film is continuous from the cartridge and when full the bag is removed using a built in cutter. A new bag is created by pulling more film out and tying a knot.

For best results, I recommend using the Litter Genie with clumping cat litter. With the non-clumping litter you only get the benefit of dumping the solid waste. Overall the Litter Genie can make cleaning your cat’s litter box much less frustrating. Its size and shape is convenient so it can fit in most places. It also does a great job control odors. I don’t know how I managed so long without it. I highly recommend the Litter Genie to all cat owners, especially if you use non clumping cat litter. Trust me will be glad that you don’t have to worry about taking out the litter waste daily. I included a video with this post so you can get a better idea how it works. I would love to hear your comments especially if you have had experience with this product.




Litter Genie

Litter Genie








        • User Friendly
        • Easy to Clean
        • Comes with Scoop
        • Can fit in most places
        • Minimize Odors


        • Refills can be pricey
        • Refill cartridge can be challenging to install

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        1. I would try this product if it had the capacity to hold litter for my 8 cats, my daughters 2 cats plus 3 foster cats. Maybe the makers of the Genie system will one day make a version that will hold about 30 gallons. For now I will stick to kitchen sized kitchens bags and then dumping it in the basement trash can.

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