Have a pet emergency!! There is an app for that!

One of the biggest fears one has as a pet owner is if a pet experiences an emergency. Pet emergencies occur when least expected and they don’t always occur at the most opportune times. Unless your pet is accident prone, many times, you may not even be informed where a pet emergency clinic is located. … Read more

Tips on Traveling with Pets

Are you planning a vacation with your pets?  What are things to consider when you are traveling with your pets? What things are needed to prepare for traveling with pets? What are considerations when traveling with pets via plane? This article discusses things you need to consider when travelling with pets. Considerations when traveling with pets? … Read more

Community Based Care: An alternative to pet insurance? Eusoh review

*Disclosure- I am not an employee of Eusoh or it affiliates. All opinions are genuine, based on my knowledge of the company, and have not been influenced by promotional items. I may receive compensation when you sign up using the referral code I have mentioned in the article* With pet health care, the challenges of … Read more

What type of veterinarian are you looking for?

In my 11 years as a veterinarian I have learned that there are clients that have different expectations from vets. In this blog post I will discuss some of the most common expectations I have encountered. The Assertive Veterinarian– This type of veterinarian tells you what you need to know about the health of your pet regardless … Read more