The Best Flea Collar? Seresto Collar Product Review


It’s a bird! No it’s a plane! No it’s a super flea collar! Well maybe it is not a super flea collar, but compared to other flea collars, it is quite a superior product. Let’s face it, if you are still buying flea collars from the grocery store, you are not likely getting the flea protection you need. Majority of these collars only repel fleas just in the area around the neck. If you look further back, you are likely to still see fleas feasting on your pet. But Seresto is a different flea collar. It protects your pet’s whole body from these blood sucking critters for up to 8 months.

How it works

Seresto has sustained release technology that slowly releases active ingredients over several months. Once the collar is applied, active ingredients are transferred from the collar to the hair, and finally the skin. They are then distributed evenly throughout the skin and hair surface.

Active ingredients and their effects

The Seresto collar has two active ingredients that have activity against fleas and ticks. Imidacloprid kills adults fleas and flea larvae which is important for breaking the flea life cycle. Flumethrin is the ingredient that repels and kills ticks. It also kills the larvae and a younger stage of the tick called the nymph.

 Seresto collar vs store bought flea collars

Kill fleas and ticks very quickly – It can kill fleas as quickly as 2 hours and ticks within 6 hours. Speed of kill is important with flea and tick control. You want a flea dead before it is capable of laying eggs. This period is usually within 24 hours. Ticks also need to be killed in the same time frame to avoid transmission of diseases. Store bought collars are more likely just to repel vs kill and if they do happen to kill, the process is very slow.

Is odorless and has leaves no residue –  Other flea collars typically have an overpowering odor and tends to leave a white powder residue on your hand.

Provides long lasting and effective protection –  Seresto provides protection for up to 8 months killing more than 90% of fleas even on the last day. Most other flea collars only provide up to 3 months of protection with the percentage of fleas killed over time decreasing dramatically.

Special features

Seresto collars also has neat features that further separate from traditional collars:

It is water proof –  Seresto maintains its effectiveness despite exposure to shampoos, swimming, or exposure to rain.

Break away release mechanism –  Portions of the collar are designed to release in the event the pet gets trapped.

Reflector clips – Reflect clips can be applied to help with visibility of your pet during night.


  • Provides 8 months of flea of tick prevention which is longer than any other product out there. Great for those who are forgetful. You just put on the collar on and it will do the rest.
  • Can save you money when compared to equivalent flea and tick preventatives such as Frontline. The cost averages just about $75 for a year of flea preventative while the alternatives are about double that.


  • It is a collar that is only effective as long as the pet wears it. If the pet decides to take it off then coverage is lost.
  • May not work as well with breeds with thick coats such as Malamutes, or Great Pyrenees.
  • Even though it is waterproof, if exposed to water too often it can lose up to 3 months of its duration.

Wrap up

Seresto collars are the best flea collars out there given its effectiveness and longevity. Is it the best option for flea and tick prevention overall? Well that all depends on preference. If you prefer flea collars over topical products then this is your best option. Also if you struggle with compliance then this is a great option as well. You just have to remember to change the collar in 8 months. I personally prefer an oral or topical flea prevention because I worry about my pet losing the collar and becoming unprotected. But that is just me. My recommendation is before you get this collar, make sure your pet will keep a collar on.

Seresto Collar by Bayer

Seresto Collar by Bayer












            • 8 months protection
            • Reasonably priced


            • Collar only effective when worn
            • Waterproof but excessive water affects potency
            • May not be effective in thick coat breeds

            141 thoughts on “The Best Flea Collar? Seresto Collar Product Review

            1. I’m sure this is probably a good product. However, my 3 female dogs play really rough with each other. The chew regular collars off of each other. So far martingale collars are the only ones they have not chewed off each other. They may be girls but they don’t act very ladylike. I have been using Bravecto with them and my daughter’s husky and so far so good.

            2. Where I live, fleas and ticks are only a problem a few months out of the year. Could the collar be sealed up to reuse? I wouldn’t keep it on my dog unless the critters were active as I don’t like using chemicals on him unless necessary.

              • That is a good question Val. I am not exactly sure once the collar is activated if it can be reused. Something definitely worth looking into. I still recommend flea control all year round because fleas can still remain dormant in your house no matter what the weather is. This is because they lay so many eggs that tends to stick on carpet fibers and in between cracks of hardwood floors. But if you choose not to follow my recommendations then the best choice for you would either be a monthly topical or oral preventative. I would hate for you to buy the collar then it does not work when you attempt to reuse it.

            3. Dr Alleyne,

              I am so glad to have seen this review. I have lived in many states all over the South – Virginia, Alabama, Texas – but here in MO the fleas are like no fleas I have ever seen. They seem to be almost completely immune to Frontline, and Revolution costs twice as much. We have used these in combination with “natural” remedies such as diatomaceous earth, our cats are still absolutely crawling with fleas. In desperation I bought 2 of these collars just yesterday. I’m afraid to put them on the FELV+ cats though.

              • Yes Revolution can be expensive. Usually when the topicals fail you can also try the oral meds to see if they help. The only oral meds that I know that are approved for use in cats are Comfortis and Capstar.

            4. We purchased the collar and my little dog is still scratching and itching. I don’t know if it’s just that my dog is really sensitive or just the collar is not working. I really need the collar to work because I am highly allergic to fleas. I have spent plenty of nights scratching along with my dog. I have sprayed an indoor spray to prevent more fleas and their eggs. We have tried tons of products before trying this one. So i’m going to give it a little more time even though the collar should have worked by now. I just hoped this really works because if it doesn’t, I don’t know what are we going to do.

              • Are you still seeing fleas on your dog Richard? How long have you had the collar for? If your dog is till scratching and itching but you are not seeing the same amount of flea it may be because your dog has other allergies as well. Also if your dog has flea allergies they can lead to a skin infection that still may be needed to be treated by your veterinarian in addition to the flea collar.

              • I have a Pomeranian and thus far the expensive collar has proved worthless. I’ve been reading lately that thicker coated breeds (with double coats) don’t have the collar work well for them. I’d guess this could be because the collar doesn’t have as clear a contact to the dog’s skin as with a dog with a shorter coat.

              • The inside flea spray never worked for me so we used table salt and sprinkled it all over each of our rooms floors and then left it there for 24 hours and vacuumed it up and they were gone! It was like we never had fleas! Since you’re allergic I thought this might help keep them away. Plus if you have inside pets it’s a lot safer to put on the carpet and keep your animals from getting sick!

            5. I put this collar on my dog a month ago and he has just as many fleas as before . It was purchased at Walmart so is it different than one you would buy at vet office? For years I have used Frontline from both vet office and pet stores but that has stopped working also. My dog has never had a flea problem like this it seems these feast are immune to the products. What should I try now?

              • What type of dog do you have Donna? I mentioned in the review that some people may have issues with dogs that have very long fur. If you are having trouble then you may want to try an oral flea preventative such as Nexgard or Bravecto to see if that helps with the fleas. I know there can be differences between flea products you get from your veterinarian and from the store mainly because of distribution

            6. We have a 25 lb dog that loves to sleep in a variety of bedrooms, is it safe for children to sleep with (youngest 11yo) and does any “product” from the collar come off on the bedspread?

              • According to Bayer the collar is not like other flea collars so none of the product comes off on the bed spread or will be affected if a child sleeps next to a dog.

            7. Hello…

              Last month I purchased a series to flea and tick collar for my dog. She was due for another one. The one before this had done its job.
              Today, I picked my dog up at the groomers and was told she had a tick on her ear. Yuck!!
              Needless to say, the collar is new that she wears, is on tightly and I already received my rebate for it, but apparently it is not doing its job.
              What do you suggest that I do?
              I have the box that this collar came in and the receipt for the purchase.
              Thank you for your time.
              Wendy k Wright

              • Hello Wendy where did you buy the Seresto Collar from? Did you buy it from the same place both times? Do you know if the tick that was found was engorged? There is a possibility that you may have gotten a defective collar especially if it worked before so you may be able to contact the Bayer company about getting a replacement.

              • Hi, just an FYI, the information for the collar states that it repels and or kills ticks so I believe that means a tick may still bite but will die when he does. My dog has ticks everyday in this weather , some did not bite yet and the rest are usually dead when I take them out but they don’t fall out when they die just so you know. I have so much experience with ticks unfortunately if you need to know anything else

            8. bought 3 of these collars, for my small dogs, from petsmart, (at $55.00 per unit), in the 6 weeks that they have been wearing them, there is no change… they scratch constantly. I have sprayed the yard, and area, that they frequent, we have “bombed” the house, and nothing changes this is quite a waste of money

              • Hello Chuck are you still seeing live fleas on your pets or are you judging that the collar is just not working by the fact that they are still itching. If you took the appropriate actions to get rid of the fleas, which it looks you did then something else could be going on as well. In addition to a flea problem your pet may have other allergies that are causing them to itch as well. In addition to the flea treatment you have provided they may need to see a veterinarian to rule out other allergies. So don’t throw those collars away as of yet.

                • Hi last year I had a huge success with the collars on our German Shepard and our Schnauzer. This year I am on collar number 2 (first one wasn’t working) tried another after 2 weeks still finding live fleas, we went from one flea to many! I don’t know what has changed with the collars, but very disappointed….

              • My 11 yr old retriever had it on for 6 hrs and was scratching like crazy on the top of her neck, she started breathing funny. I took it off and her neck and head were red and sore.
                I just read a TON of bad reviews. ….waste of $$

                • I put this collar on my six year old Springer. This dog is probably one of the most gentle animals who ever walked the earth. He was until i put the collar o in September. We noticed subtle changes in November. By mid December he was a nervous wreck. He even began to growl at us. By Christmas he was out of control. He began panting, pacing, and stopped taking our commands. We took the collar off December 28 and almost overnight we had our dog back. I believe that if we had not removed the collar he would have died. My advice to a dog owner who is considering using Seresto is to investigate reports of behavioral changes and even death attributed to this product.

              • I live in Florida and our fleas are year round. The only thing that really works for me is applying food grade diatomaceous earth to my one carpeted room. I have two totally indoor cats and one indoor/outdoor cat, plus a Boxer and a Lab. I’m cautious with flea preparations, because the Lab has a mild seizure disorder….

            9. I agree that it is very effective but I totally disagree with the information above regarding residue. It absolutely leaves a film or residue on my Shih-Tzu’s hair. Last year was the first time for her and I was very unhappy with this. Had to wash my hands every single time I touched her for about 6 weeks. Gradually it lessened till none was noticeable. For me this was the only con, she gets deer ticks almost every day for 8 months of the year and if I don’t find them right away they are usually dead when I take them off. So, she is due for the second one and not looking forward to the nasty residue but the pros outweigh the 1 con here.

            10. Exceeded my expectations..IF i wanted my dog to go BALD and scratch his flesh from his bones!! The worst investimate I have ever made. The term SICK AS A DOG applies here without a doubt. Whined, hot spots,fur loss appetite supressant.. sounds like a nightmare?? no it was real life. My poor GS was in agony, and I along with him. I also noticed his hind leg was weakend slightly. After reading various reviews and being to coincidental I Quickly removed this strip of Death. Returning it to the H e double hockey stick it came from. I wonder if RAID works that way on insects! Sarcasm….I hope my baby boy comes around and gets his beautiful fur back..fur parents be warned.. this is NOT a good product to experiment with on any living animal..Offended by the Bayer company with its lack of CARE…way to go that extra mile making those $$$ bucks…

              • My dog is doing great with this collar, but my mom’s cat was terribly allergic. Lost her hair, scratched till she bled. I’m allergic to dairy bit you don’t see me cursing cows. Sorry it didn’t work for your pet, but that doesn’t mean the product is bad, could just mean it’s not the right fit for your pet.

              • My dogs are both on this and as of last night I removed the collars. My dogs are tired all the time, they are still itching and I saw 2 fleas on my male. I hope they can get back to the happy pups that you used to be …

            11. We just took our dog in on Friday, June 3rd because he was limping, they tested him for lyme’s and it came back positive,he is just over a year old,he is a shepard and hound mix but his hair is short not long. I have had the collar on since March since ticks were out in WI. I used this collar on our other dog last year and the only ticks I found were dead, so I thought the product worked well, very disappointed.

            12. I have 2 yorkies that I bought this collar for. And they have more fleas on them then without the collar. I have treated my yard and my home. I am very displeased with this product.

              • Same situation for us -our dog had an engorged tick on him while using the Seresto – I called Bayer and the their rep flat out told me “they don’t work ALL of the time” – what a joke.

            13. This product does not work really disappointed for what I paided for it . I have 2 Yorkers one had a collar (seresto collar for fleas and ticks) that dog had more fleas than the other one. So customers don’t buy this product a waste of your hard earned money.

            14. For those who are having issues with the collar, where have you purchased the collar from? I know of reports of people selling replicas of this particular collar especially online.

            15. My 5 yo male Lhasa apso picks up ticks often , he seems sensitive to flea and tick products so am wondering what this will do to him , he’s sick within 10 mins after orally ( comfortis,bravecto) stronghold or frontline didn’t work so this is my last chance , I purchased one from my vet but am scared to put it on him as I don’t want to make him sick . Please reassure me re safety …..

              • I have a 5 yo male lhasa who also was senditive to oral preventitives i have just purchased his 2nd collar as his stopped working after 6 mnths other than that no problems and v effective even upto a few weeks ago .

            16. Boy I hope I didn’t make a mistake because hearing these reviews I am beginning to think that I did. I just purchased five (5) of these collars for my five (5) cats paid $238.00. I purchased them from 1800Petmeds. They have only been on my cats for two days. Oh well only time will tell.

              • They work fine. I have 4 cats and a dog. I washed them all before applying the collars but have had great results. Just watch them colsely first few days, some animals have allergic reactions.

            17. I got the Seresto for cats for my DSH cats. After initial two months of relief the fleas are back with a vengeance. The are even found under the damn collars.

              • Al, what did you wind up doing? Do you know how long i should wait to use something else? My poor Simon has the same problems your baby did. Idk what else to do. Me bathing him is out of the question unless i want to be put in the store next to the ground beef

            18. I bought this collar , really hoping it would work.
              Unfortunately it does not live up to it’s claim of 8 months, with even 1 month. It did not work at all for my pet.
              I had to buy other flea medication to get the fleas off my pet and have him comfortable again.
              When I contacted Bayer, they had excuses, basically blaming me for their products in effectiveness.
              Will not purchase Bayer products again.

            19. I have an 18 month old boy who loves to play with his dogs. Is it safe for my dogs to where these collars around him. As we know 18 month old babies play with anything and then put their hands in their mouth. He would not actually chew collar but will grab dogs around collar area and will have contact with collar.
              I have heard great reviews about these collars, but what about human contact with collar. Need info. I really want to use collars but you can see my concern.

            20. I have tried many different flea products. I tried even the Armore from Walmart. That seriously sucked as a product. Diatomaceous earth sort of works but kills the vacuum cleaner. Advantage worked very well and we were finally flea free until we moved to a new house and the neighbors had a very bad flea issue. None of the manufactured flea products work anymore. They now live at my house too. I have a short hair Maine coon cross, a heeler and a pug/dachshunds. I decided to try Soresto. It’s very expensive and I have an extremely limited budget. It’s been on them for a month and there is no change. I still find the same amount of fleas. I live in SW Washington state. If you and all the flea product companies are going to charge a ton of money you have better make sure your products work and work well everywhere. You charge enough for all you other products to do so. I am very disappointed in the product.

            21. This is the second ’round’ of Seresto that I’ve used on all my dogs. I’ve been very pleased with the product. We went from heavy fleas to zip. What is really weird is that yesterday I found a ton of fleas one of my dogs (a short coat aussie) even after the new collar was on for 2 months. Hmm. She was in one of our kennel runs for the two months and I brought her into the house as I’m treating her for tape worm and I like to rotate the kennel dogs through the house. So I tightened the collar thinking that was the problem. This morning, still fleas. I put on a new collar (different lot number) and I’m still seeing fleas 4 hrs later. The two other dogs in the house with her have their collars on (2 months on) and are completely flea free. I’ll give it 24 hrs and see if tomorrow she is flea free. Not sure if the collar doesn’t work while treating with Strongid or the fact that she has not been bathed and her natural oils are working against the collar. Other than this ONE dog, this product is great. We order from Foster Smith. They’ve always been very reliable.

            22. This is a follow up to my post yesterday. I called Bayer and asked about Seresto. It appears that my problem is that the flea population bloomed over what could be handled by the collar alone in the dirt kennel due to the weather. The person I talked to suggested that I treat the kennel for fleas to knock them back so that the collar will work. I should have done that initially but I didn’t. Also she said that I can use advantix on the dogs to do an immediate kill while the kennel treatment took hold. Basically the Seresto collar works on fleas but when you are in the deep south (like I am) fleas still need to be area treated as well. That is what we stopped doing when we put the collars on our dogs. My bad.

              The Bayer Vet service tech was awesome to talk to. She answered a lot of my questions. They take their product seriously and want to know any problems that arise with it. I gave her the lot numbers but told her that the same lot number collars were on my indoor/yard dogs and they work fine so it is not a QA/QC issue.

              • I’m from Philly but live in Alabama now. I’ve had indoor cats for 45 years and never had a flea problem. Ever. This summer has been horrible. I guess we carry them in because they never go outside. I just put a Seresto on my worse afflicted cat, if it does I’ll order 2 more tomorrow. The vet’s expensive stuff, one topical, one by mouth did nothing. Fingers crossed it works cause I’m so scared for them. I’ve even bombed the house 4 times. Since you live in the South too maybe you have suggestions about what I can do to stop them coming in the house? I’m hoping the collars work and then when there’s no live fleas on them I can spray & bomb again. Thanks.

            23. I live in a rural area with livestock and other critters and nothing worked,my Jack Russell terriers had horrible fleas,even our house was infested. I saw the ad for seresto and bought immediately,within 24 hours the doggies had no fleas and within 48 there weren’t any in the house. Just curious if there has been any side effects from long term use? Really like this product.

            24. I placed this Seresto Flea and Tick collar on my beagle-mix girl on 07/03/2016. A few days later, she had a seizure. I did not connect this seizure with the Seresto flea collar until this morning 07/28/2016 and I had to leave her there so that they could provide the anti-seizure medicine and also monitor her. I rushed my girl to the emergency vet clinic because she was having multiple seizures — horrible!!!! I had to leave her there so that the medical staff could provide the anti-seizure medicine as needed and monitor her. I called the emergency vet clinic immediately when I realized that this Seresto Flea Collar could be the culprit of my girl having these issues, and told the medical staff to PLEASE remove the Seresto flea collar. Less than a month since she has been wearing this Seresto collar that has been raved about so much. The collar is a health hazard to humans and people. I have paid over $450 so far for my girl’s medical. I PRAY THAT SHE IS GOING TO BE NORMAL AGAIN AND ALIVE!!!!!!! I AM SO SICK TO MY STOMACH — I TRUSTED THIS PRODUCT, AND I WILL BLAME MYSELF FOR PLACING THIS COLLAR ON MY GIRL WITHOUT DOING FURTHER RESEARCH ABOUT IT.

              • ALL flea and tick products can cause seizures. Not just this one. Also your pet could have done well with it before and had a reaction after buying a new collar, after all these are pesticides designed to cause neurological damage to the fleas. Not all pets react the same to each pesticide.

              • Before applying anything to my furry kids i thoroughly research all products for positive\negative. It distinctly says may cause allergic reaction in pets which means you monitor your pets reactions for first 48 hours.
                The collar happens to be a very strong effective collar. Im sorry it didnt work out for your pet.

            25. Hello-
              We purchased 2 Seresto collars from Amazon in early May and placed them on both of our dogs on May 6. These were purchased as a preventative measure not a solution to an already flea problem. By the end of the month both of our dogs were covered in fleas. We have a Powder Puff Chinese Crested and a Great Pyr/German Shepard mix. I called Bayer to express my concern and I was told that we were already in the middle of a flea cycle that we didn’t know was going on and that I should add Advantage to help correct the issue. Seresto boasts that they repel fleas. (For 8 months, this product: Kills and repels fleas before they lay eggs Kills and repels ticks). I was told over the phone that nothing can stop a flea from jumping on your dog. Isn’t that what “repel” means? As you can imagine I was not happy, as I have already spent $112 on 2 collars and I am now being told that I need to spend more money. We added the Advantage to the treatment, but at this point, we are now so covered nothing seemed to be working. Our vet recommended Nexguard. Within 12 hours both dogs were flea free. I called back to speak with Bayer and yet again it is all my fault. Now, last year we used the collars as a solution to the problem and it worked fabulously, so I know the product works. I believe that we received bad collars. Bayer would not talk to me about reimbursement or replacement for the collars. I even offered to send them the tins , my receipts, and the collars. Supposedly they sent me a supply of Advantage back in June, but I have yet to receive that. I don’t believe I will ever be purchasing another Bayer product, and that is too bad, as they have always been great products. This is the direct result of terrible customer service that looks to place the blame on the client.

            26. I’ve tried topical Frontline Plus, Advantix II with mediocare results. Didn’t last long and creates ‘oily’ spot where my dog like his scratches the most. Tried the seresto collar 2 years ago, and have had zero issues. My dog is a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (heavy heavy coat!!), so the dense undercoat didn’t negatively affect performance at all. Told 2 friends here in the north Dallas area about the collar, and their labs have been tickless and flealess. I can’t believe so many negative reviews about this. I think it’s better than sliced bread, so there’s my two cents.

            27. Also, I forgot to mention our cat has also been wearing one for 4 months now without any negative reaction. Only flealessness going on in this house. No ticks either on dog and cat.

            28. I bout 2 dog collars, both dogs short hair, and they still have fleas. A lot of them! I followed the directions precisely. It’s the second month of wearing them. They have received two flea baths. These were not cheap. I bought one for my cat as well. I don’t know if it works on my cat because I only see him when he’s hungry this time of year.

            29. I put this flea collar on July 28.
              My small dog with little fur, is still fighting fleas and their eggs. I’m so discouraged! Tired of these fleas!

            30. Hi, I’m Nicky. I was given (graciously) a collar from my husbands cousin about 10 months ago. We quickly put in on our Chesapeake Bay Retriever and we noticed no fleas when we took her a bath about a week later. It worked the duration it promised and now she has fleas again. We just ordered another one off Amazon, same vender the cousin ordered from. I just went about bought 2 from Walmart yesterday morning for my two small Dachshunds, one had an allergy shot at the vets early yesterday. Our vet said the scratching and hair loss was due to flea allergies, thus the shot. I immediately put the collars on my two doxies, however, this morning I noticed (to my horror) my non-allergic dox had MORE fleas than BEFORE the collar!! I mean, they were crawling ALL OVER her belly! I immediately got a wet paper towel with a dab of Dawn and gently rubbed her belly and back to kill the fleas. They died but some are still there crawling and numbing around (((eww))). My other doc is still scratching, though not as much as yesterday. How long will it take to repel the fleas??? I guess it may have taken awhile to work on Bailey, our Chessy, but I didn’t check her until a week later during her bath. I’m worried that this very expensive collar may not work on our doxies and/or bring more fleas into our home!! Has anyone had an experience like mine? Am I just being impatient? I just don’t know and I’m desperate for the fleas to leave them (and us) alone. Thank you, Nicky.

            31. I put the seresto collar on my toy poodle and flea issue improved after three days but he is still dropping live fleas. I put collar on my 3 cats as well and I do not see any fleas dropping. Why are the fleas still on my dog?

            32. I used this call on my schnauzer my German Shepherd mixed both of my dogs had severe reactions from these colors it cost me $500 to get them well I suggest that you be very careful using this because not covering will not be allergic to the ingredients so I contacted bayer and they said that they would make it good but I haven’t heard anything back from them I will never use this product again

            33. DO NOT USE THIS COLLAR FOR YOUR PETS!!!!! We almost lost our beautiful 5 year old golden doodle due to the Surest collar. It definitely works by killing fleas and ticks I haven’t seen one in over a year, but at the cost of our poor girl going blind, deaf, no smell, head pain, eye pain, brain swelling, silent seizures, incontinence, breathing problems, not eating, tremors, you name it she had it. After a prolonged year of wearing this collar her body became toxic. all the blood work came back normal and the vet had no idea what was wrong with her. we paid for blood test after blood test after blood test, then told we should bring her to a neurologist. I have lost faith in my Vet and now in Bayer, who makes seresto. our family, my children and my dog have been through so much emotion and stress that was completely unneccsassry. I trusted my vet and I trusted Bayer. Luckily, after 24 hours of not having the collar she is bouncing back nicely. Now we have to detox this poor girl! Thanks Bayer! not

            34. Hi,can someone help?my little yorkipoo has has a reaction to this collar(lethargic and problem walking) ,I have taken it off but I am worried as my other dog has one (no reaction) will this effect my little dog is they sleep together in the same bed?
              Thank you in advance,Ali.

            35. My Shelby is wearing her 4th Seresto collar. The 1st 4 collars were effective in keeping her flea and tick free! She has been wearing her current collar f9r 4 months and I was horrified wgen her Vet showed me yesterday that Shelby is infested with fleas even around her neck. . live fleas were observed as well as eggs. . We i?ediatlt,replaced her collar yesterday I’ve done nothing different with her 4th collar and am wondering why after 27months of being flea an s tick free with the Seresto collar she has fleas after only 4 months.

            36. We have two doxies and used the Seresto collar this year for the first time. The drops on their backs seemed to had stopped working so we did some research and we decided the Seresto collar was worth a shot. When you break it down the “expensive” collar is actually cheaper than Advantix II over 8 months. Both of our doxies have worn their collars well without any problems – and NO fleas or ticks. We will order them again.

            37. I bought one for my Doberman after combination of Frontline and electronic flea killing device failed (device came off collar and got lost) and my dog was infested. To my surprise, it worked great here in Florida where the fleas are brutal. Just put one on my cat, she never goes out, but afraid something that came in on the dog jumped ship and hopped on the cat and she was infested. 24 hours later, cat is feeling much better. Expensive outlay at one time, but if you amortize over 8 months, this product is a bargain.

            38. I bought these collars for my two cats, they have had them on for the past 2 days and I have only seen two fleas since I put them on.. I had them on frontline and it stopped working so I tried seresto, so far so good..

            39. I tried this last year it worked great this year my dog Molly is itching like crazy, It seems like it isn’t working at all, I called Pet smart and they said they didn’t have any recalls and I might want to call Beyer company.

            40. My husbamds mother told him to order the large collar for his 18lb schnauzer and duct tapr part of it when he puts it on. I have been told by the vet I work with that this is NOT a good idea. The dog is also 12yr old and has a uti at this moment and not suoer healthy overall. Shouldnt he use the correct size collar??

            41. The collar doesnt seem to work i still find fleas on my dog. I will say that it is my second collar and the first one worked excellent the second one doesnt seem to effect the fleas at all.

            42. We bought a collar last year worked great I could see the fleas falling off. Bought one again this year it has not worked. Talked to the place we purchased it would not honor it I was totally upset. Anyone else had one that did not work.

            43. I have two small dogs, one of them the fleas are constantly biting him, so I bought a seresto collar. It’s been on him for a month now and he is still chasing fleas, biting him, he chews so hard, there is usually a bloody spot in different areas. So sorry to say iam not to impressed with seresto collar. I have spent alot of money on flea control stuff and iam pretty much done with all of them, I live on the Oregon coast and iam not sure if those sand fleas are more resistant to pest control products, because I never had this much problems when I lived in Calif. Any one else experienced this problem???

              • I live in Oregon and am having a terrible time too. The first collar worked but after it wore out and I bought a second one it has done nothing. My dog is covered in fleas.

            44. I work at a vets office and I was given a Seresto collar as sample by the Bayer representative to try on my dog. I like to use the Nexgard Chewables for flea and tick prevention but these chewables do nothing to repel ticks, so the ticks bite before they die….which is gross…so I thought I would try the collar. I was skeptical about using a flea and tick collar but it actually seemed to work great. Then, here is the problem…slowly, my dog had become increasingly itchy all over, there were no focused areas such as the neck, it was just all over itchy. So I started giving her Nexgard again every month thinking maybe the collar wasn’t as effective as I thought originally. I also decided stupidly, to leave the Seresto collar on as a tick repellant as I liked the fact that she wasn’t even picking up ticks at all with it on. She continued to be itchy all over and I didn’t connect it at all to the flea collar as she wasn’t red or swollen on the neck where the collar was. Plus, there are so many things that can cause a dog to become itchy, that I figured it maybe allergies to who knows what? She was examined by my vet who agreed her coat looked shabby; she had some redness from scratching and she was losing hair. My dog was put on a 30 day food allergy trial, which means that she gets nothing but a hypoallergenic food (no treats, no chews, and no table scraps.) Then after 17 days into the food trial we are seeing no improvement. I start to think maybe it is something she is coming in contact with because we live on 15 wooded acres with tons of possible allergens. I start giving her more regular baths hoping that would improve her itchiness…the baths seem to help a little but the improvement was always very temporary. Then one day, I was about to give her a bath and all of a sudden it occurred to me that maybe it is the collar. After thinking about it, the itching had started soon after the application of the Seresto collar…it didn’t happen immediately but I am certain there was a steady increase of itching and discomfort. I immediately took the thing off and threw it in the trash, I gave her a bath and she was noticeably better after the bath….but unlike previous baths the results were not temporary…she is no longer itchy. A bit suspicious I think!

            45. Their fine if you only have one dog. They’re very easy for another dog to tear off. I spent over $200 because I have six dogs. It took one day to lose three collars and be eaten totally buy three dogs. The design is terrible not to mention what does it do to a dog who eats the collar. stood behind their product and we placed them free of charge. They were going to get a hold of bear and forward my email. I now have the collars on all of my dogs secured with an additional three zip ties each it seems to be doing the trick but give me a break guys. It makes me wonder if you had a flea collar on the dog and took it out in the woods and it ran through the weeds and everything if the dog would come home with the Collar enact . For the price of this item you think they would do a better job. We were owners with more than one dog in the house get your zip ties ready

            46. I bought this collar for both of my shih tzu dogs I keep their coats short. So far I see very little help for them. The package said a couple of days is been over a week. Disappointed!

            47. I just bought it hoping it works . i put frontline on my dogs 2weeks ago how long should I wait to put the collar on them.

            48. First time user of this flea collar on my new cat three-year-old. Would like to know if the toxics come off onto me when I’m petting her? Also do they come off when she licks her for? Causing any harm to the internal system of my cat?

            49. Unfortunately soresto did not work on my dog at all! My cousin highly recommended it so I got one for my jack and 2 weeks after putting it on him I’m still seeing plenty of fleas on him( that are very much alive) all the time! Very disappointed that a spent so much money on it.

            50. This is the 2nd time my dog’s Seresto collar has”disappeared! ” He’s mostly indoors. I do check it and tighten it periodically. They kindly replaced the first one as s courtesy. It works well however I can’t afford to replace in a few months. This one should have gotten me through the summer!

            51. This collar worked great last year for both fleas and ticks on our Great Pyrenees…this year it is doing nothing for the ticks…awful expensive collar if we are going to pull off many ticks daily

            52. Got this collar for our pit/shep at the recommendation of our daughter. For us, we couldn’t be happier. I did my research on reactions and watched our dog very carefully from the moment we put it on and fortunately for us he’s done well. We live in NC, with some woods on our property and tons of fleas and ticks. Frontline wasn’t helping, we needed something to repel fleas, not just kill them. I do recommend this collar, it repelled and killed everything. But pets should be watched carefully for a couple of days for reactions, and if they’re still itching but no fleas remain, then further medical care may be needed for evaluation and relief.

            53. Im renting a room and there is another dog here that never gets flea treatments and i always protect my dog from fleas etc. Will the collar still work on my dog wen the other dog doesn’t have treatment

            54. Was having problems with fleas for several months and different treatments that had worked fine before…,finally bit the bullet in the costly collar….worth every penny! First my Havenese….worked great! After we adopted a Corgi/heeler mix….got her one too. Living in the very rural country…no problems, fleas or ticks!!! AMAZING!

            55. The seresto collar is completely worthless! $60.00 dollars down the drain. Does not even help with the ticks! Please do not buy this. You will be disappointed!

            56. I have a Havenese that all of a sudden could not get rid of fleas…even the drops used in the past were not working. Got the seresto collar…gone instantly. Got one for our Corgi/heeler mix…never a problem even though we moved to the country. Great product and bought one for our newest adopted dog. Expensive, yes….but not in the long run…just fine!

            57. This was not a superior product for my little house dog. She only goes outside to potty yet we still find live fleas on her. I wasted my money

            58. I purchased a collar for each of my dogs. One is a Lab and the other a Maltese. The Lab has worn his for about 2 months and I have had to remove 2 tricks this spring (we live in Ohio). He has never had ticks prior to just using the collar. After the second tick I removed the collar and applied the FrontLine like I had used for years without a ever finding a tick. The Maltese has not had a issue with fleas or ticks using the collar so far but I did use a organic flea and tick solution on him after finding the ticks on the Lab. I am not sure why this collar has not done well but I doubt I will ever spend the money on another one.

            59. Hi, I have a 20-pound maltipoo (yes, he was supposed to top out at 8-pounds MAX!) Anyway, I tried the Soresto collar when the frontline topical stopped working. I buy mine at Hollywood Feed. We are in our fourth collar now and it has worked like a dream. We live in the South and have a very long flea season (year round with a mild winter). Never had an issue since the collar went on. Also worth mentioning- I even use the small collar, which is supposed to be only up to 18 pounds because I thought the next size up was too big on him. He is also a water dog, spends a lot of time in the lake during the summer. This did not seem to affect the effectiveness of his collar at all, in fact we went way beyond eight months before replacing, still with no problems! Now have a second dog in the house, also a small breed, who wears one also. Very pleased with this collar!!!

              • It worked for us on a Jackapoo for two years – this year it has failed. It took us a while to notice that the itching was due to fleas not allergies as we just kept thinking ‘it can’t be fleas as he’s protected for that’. Poor little fella was crawling with them and we had to treat the house etc. So just beware sometimes they fail.

            60. Do NOT USE Seresto collar!!! It doesn’t work!!! I found a tick engorged on one of my three dogs this morning after wearing the seresto collar for about 2months. My vet said it’s been there for 36 – 48 hours. The collar was tight enough and never came off. I called the vet clinic where I purchased and also the company. The company said Seresto only covers 90% of ticks. So basically, she was saying you are one of 10% and out of luck! “we can’t do anything for you.” No refund, absolutely no compensation, and no apoology. There’s no information out anywhere indicating that it only covers 90%, no small font. The vet clinic where I bought didn’t even know. By the way, if your pet goes into water more than once a month, it only lasts 5 months, not 8 months. That information is on the brochure with a tiny small font. please don’t buy it. It doesn’t work. I had to learn it after spending $180 for three collars. And I still have not received my rebate. I think they false advertise on a lot of things. And the product doesn’t work.

            61. DO NOT BUY! This is a serious piece of garbage. It simply doesnt work, and Bayer, the company who makes it, does NOT stand behind the product. I am out $140 and both my dogs are still covered in fleas.

            62. I’ve been using this product with great success for some time. However the last two collars have only been effective for around six to eight weeks. I do not know if the fleas are becoming resistant of if the manufacturer has cheapend the quality of the product to lessen the manufacturing costs. I try on several times to contact their customer support but have had no success speaking to anyone and not one of the emails has had a response. It’s too bad this was a good product. It’s now just too expensive for the length of service that it provides.

              • I had the same issue and they tried to fob me off. I think their manufacturing process is faulty as the first two collars I had were great the second two not so much. Try this email account: I had the same problem and they sent free collars.

            63. The problem with Advantage.. and Serestro, is that over time, species of fleas develop an immunity to the agents. I have an indoor cat. 2 Serestro collar cycles later (it has been about 1.5 years; the cat is still scratching and shedding flea eggs everywhere. Again, this is a single, indoor pet in an apartment with concrete floors (no carpet fiber). Granted, fleas aren’t jumping on me anymore like when I first started the cat with the product, but they are still present..

              TLDR: Serestro sorta works.. sorta.

            64. I have the collar on my dog and its been on her for a month or longer now. I bombed my house as well. The collar is not as great everyone says. She has fleas still. Not as many as before but she does have them. This collar was $60 and it was not worth it. I keep checking her for fleas every other day or so and she still has them. I think this collar is a joke. I do not now how people can say it fixed it %100 cause that is not the case with me.

              • I posted July 2 that my collar did not work. However I couldnt bring myself to take it off. Today my dog is flea free and has been for a good month or so. I guess it takes time depending how how bad your fleas are. Mine must have been bad. We are flea free not though and it is great! Give it some time.

            65. FYI…Regardless of what flea treatment you use, If your yard is infested they are still going to get on your animal. They will die, but they will still be on them. In all the reviews on here with the exception of one or two did anyone mention treating their YARD as well as their dog. You have to do both. The collar can only do so much. And some of the itching is normal. Use a flea comb and remove the dead fleas, that will cause your dog to itch as well. Contrary to popular belief I have never seen dead fleas just fall off a dog unless your pet has super short fur the dead ones will still be left on your pet. Watch the video that Bayer offers that shows how the collar works. Some fleas will be killed on contact, others it might take awhile but it does slow them down and kill them. But if your yard is full of them, short of putting your pet in a plastic ball…then they are still going to jump on your dog. Your pet may have 5 to 8 months of protection but your yard doesn’t. Yards need to be treated every four to six weeks depending on rainfall. And your grass and shrubs need to be cut regularly.

              • I would never have thought to treat the grass in the yard. Thanks for mentioning that. Although I’m afraid I would be fighting a losing battle in the yard since the land owner won’t do nothing about these strays around the place.

            66. Also, it takes awhile for any product to work. My dog is a yorkie russell mix, our yard is infested with fleas because of all the rain this year. I’m in Virginia. We use Advantix II. However it’s not working this year. So we are on the collar. I am 24 hours into the collar and yes my dog is still picking up fleas in the back, but they are slow crawling on his rump that I can pick them off on the top of his fur and dump them in dish detergent. He has not been biting at all. I will be flea combing him every evening to remove any dead ones because leaving dead bugs on my dog is nasty and that can cause skin problems too. Also I only buy from my Vet. I purchased one time from a pet store and interestingly that was the batch of topical that only lasted a week and why I switched to the collar…which I bought from the vet and had them put it on my dog so I could see how tight it needed to be. Always buy from your vet. It may cost more but you know where the product is coming from and that it’s not a knock off.

            67. This is the third year I have used this product for a Jack Russell x poodle mix. First two years were great. Third year the pesticide for killing fleas stopped working after 8 weeks. We didn’t notice he had fleas we thought he had allergies as he was constantly scratching. We could not believe that he would get fleas as he was being treated – but oh he had a chronic enduring flea infestation. He was heaving with fleas. The efficacy of the tick protection was still in place. Spent £150 on buying sprays etc to fumigate two houses and a car. Contacted Bayer and it was clear that we got a faulty collar. So beware! If you get one of those it’s a painful process. Two weeks later, new collar on and the use of a topical flea killer ‘frontline’ and he still has the odd flea. It’s very difficult to rid yourself of the little blighters once they are established.

            68. We live in Tennessee and have a boxer/lab mix, a dachshund and a bochi and Seresto has been superior to anything we have tried. The little dogs tend to play rough with our bigger dog and her Seresto was getting pulled off with some frequency so our solution was to take a zip tie and zip tie it to her collar. Issue solved. I have noticed though if you have dogs who in the water a lot you need to replace about every 5 months or so. Which still is just over 10 dollars a month.

            69. We had to return the collar after 1 month because we found 10 ticks on our dogs groin area, our dog is a large breed with a very thick coat,it appeared worked for upper part of him bit not lower area, sound not recommend.

            70. I used the Seresto collars on my 4 Chi’s last year and they worked great. This year I bought them each a new collar and after 2 months, they have fleas. I think they’ve changed the product or the fleas has grown a resistance to the medication. So once again, (after 2 months) I bought them the Seresto collar again thinking I got a bad batch. Nope, the collar doesn’t work. Never again! I bought these collars through my vets office. $480 and still have fleas. I will NEVER buy the Seresto collar again!

            71. BEWARE,this collar caused seizures on my husky, Bayer is denying it, even though it says it on the can. They will not back up their product, and hang you out to dry. Bayer vet Dr Tarah even stated that a dog could eat it with no effects. This is what’s called corporate greed

            72. Question
              We got it late I the year. Do. U know if we can place it in a baggie to use next flea season, will it still be effective? Would like to use for a month and bag it up to use next year.

            73. I purchased this collar for my dog in March. The ad claims that the collar protects against fleas and ticks for 8 months. After she wore the collar for about a month she became less active, we attributed this to her being older. In July, she became very ill, and she was limping. We took her to the vet. The vet found a tick on the leg that was sore and determined that she had a very high fever. He had to keep her overnight, he suspected that the tic had caused an infection. He prescribed antibiotics and steroids. After 10 days she was not limping, she felt better, but not well. We removed the collar and after about another week, she is very active and happy again. If you use this product, please notice how your dog feels. There are very many reports of animals becoming lethargic while using this collar. I did contact Amazon. They immediately sent an email to the seller, Duka Inc. The seller sent an email to me that appeared to be an automated response advising me that my house is probably infested with fleas and that is probably the problem. Neither my house nor dog has fleas.

            74. These collars are amazing. I recently moved to Ohio and the fleas are horrible, and on top of that I have a neighbor that refuses to take care of his yard or his dog, making matters much worse. I tried every natual remedy that can be googled. I used the Advantix drops, Frontline, and another one that was a pill form… can’t remember the name. Now times all that by 3 because I have 3 dogs. We added it up and over $500 was speant with little results. My entire life became about fleas, it was horrible.

              Finally we tried the Seresto collars. Within two days the itching and biting stopped, my poor dogs were finally back to being happy dogs. They now spend probably about an hour or two a day playing outside, and before I bring them inside I check for ticks and fleas and we have not seen even 1 in two months. Previously we would pull 10-20 fleas off them after only being outside about 20 minutes, so you can imagine how relieved this made us.

              I am so please with this product, my husband and I laugh about how we speant months and over $500 to avoid spending $50 a collar. The price seemed expensive to us, but lesson learned and we will only use Soresto from now on, well worth the cost.

              Thank you!!

            75. I bought the collar a week ago.
              I put it on my small dog & immediately started working. I saw fleas die & fall of my dog.
              I love it. Miracle collar.

            76. My cat had a reaction to it wearing it outside. I rigged it up an put it on the outside of his regular collarusing dental floss about every 6″. Will itstill be affective or does it actually have to have contact with the skin. An if it does what suggestioms do you have?

            77. I cannot say enough about how wonderful seresto flea collars work.i live in an area where fleas and ticks are around all year. I have two indoor outdoor cats and a German Shepherd. Since I started using these collars I have not had a flea or tick problem. Not one on any of my pets. I have told all my friends with pets to use them. I now get people asking where I got them because they work! They are easy to use and put on. Thank you for making a good reliable safe flea collar.

            78. I have used Advantage Multi spot on topical for 12 years. But now my Long Hair, very lush coated German Shepherd
              has been treated for Hemangiosarcoma and I did not want to use Advantage anymore. So I am using the Seresto
              Flea Collar for Large Dog. (I worked on my cats!)

              If I can not get the collar close enough to her skin, will it still be effective? I just noticed
              that she still has fleas running around on her head (I’m using a flea comb to check everyday for now, I only just put
              the collar on her 3-4 days ago). I don’t know how much time she has with us, but I definitely don’t want her to have
              to deal with fleas after all these years.

              thank you

            79. I wonder if my 13 year old Shih Tzu Shadow will be okay with this. He’s had allergic reactions as well as grand mal seizures with some of the flea meds out there before. He also has allergies and sensitive skin. I want to try this but hesitant with him. Although I guess I could buy one for my chi Peanut and just have him wear it for a week to see how his body reacts to it but IDK. Would it be okay to have the other furry kids in the house wearing it if he’s allergic? So many scenarios to worry about. My Mom and Sister use this for their cats so I want to try it but kind of nervous with how sensitive Shadow’s system is. :/ Peanut and my Cat Spazzy on the other hand would probably be okay with it, they’ve never had any allergic reactions to anything since I brought them home as infants.

            80. Very disappointed in the seresto collar, my dog is a havanese Maltese mix under 10#. collar worked for about 2 months. He then began scratching – yes fleas are back. He never got it wet & we always remove it for bathing. Thank you for the article though. Wonder if I can get a refund….too much money to spend on a faulty product.

            81. These Seresto flea and tick collars are a waste of money. My Pug has been wearing one continuously for a few weeks and she still has fleas! I wasted $60 on this piece of crap – based on a recommendation from a Petsmart employee. Never again

            82. These collars do not work!! All 3 of my dogs I bought them for and they are crawling with fleas, they may work in the city and if you keep your dog indoors but out in the country where my dogs go outside they do not. I’m very disappointed and mad that I spent so much money on a false product!!!

            83. Bought this flea collar for $60 at Petsmart – biggest waste of money ever! I can watch fleas crawl on my Pug, and she’s worn this collar for a month straight (and has never gotten it wet). DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SERESTO FLEA COLLARS – THEY REALLY DO SUCK!!

              • I have to say I was completely against this collar at first. I even wrote a complaint on here saying DO NOT BUY IT! However, I never could bring myself to taking if off because I did pay so much for it. I left it on my dog. It took some time a good long few months but I can report that the last month my dog to this day has become completely flea free. I think the collars just take a while depending on how bad the flea problem is. I guess mine was pretty bad. We are all good now though. Don’t give up it is a while to work.

            84. Seresto was the only collar that worked on my dog until now. I put it on him less than 2 months ago and he is covered in fleas. I am out of options, nothing works on him and he is scratching himself raw. He’s a maltese with a puppy cut so he does not have a lot of fur around his neck and except for going out in the drizzle periodically, he doesn’t get it wet.

            85. I use this collar on my American bully. It is by far the best flea collar out there. I live in an area where many feral cats reside. They constantly bring fleas to my yard. I was washing my dog every other day. It was overwhelming. Tried other collars but they didnt work as well as Seresto. My dog has not sustained a flea invasion since placing this collar around his neck. Strongly recommended.

            86. I have had my barn cat, 2 inside dogs, a rat terrier and an aussie, on Frontline Plus, but it was losing effectiveness in killing fleas for 1 month, it seemed to only work for 2 weeks or so (especially on barn cat). I had been using Frontline Plus for 10 years with other outdoor pets and it had worked great. We live on a farm, the 1 acre yard is fenced but flea threat for the dogs is heavy from wildlife and feral cats.

              So with fleas on both dogs I started researching the next solution. A friend with working competition aussies recommended Seresto collar and she gave me a new one to try on my aussie. I figured since she is around a lot of other dogs and livestock and she is flea free I would give it a trial.

              First day, I pulled 2 fleas off dog….probably already on him. Second day I found one and decided to do an experiment. I got a small plastic jar and placed a piece of the trimmed collar in it and dropped the flea in. First hour it was jumping around and resting on the collar scrap. Hour 4 it was showing neurological issues, but still very alive. 12 hours it was twitching and slow moving. 24 hours still alive from twitching legs however not mobile. Really wished it was completely dead; I must have super fleas!

              I then placed it a lightly dusted jar of FleaBuster RX powder. Even then it took 4 hours to completely stop twitching and die.

              Not sure what to think. Yes, the collar caused neurological issues and the flea would eventually have died, but 24 hours is a long time for a kill. Maybe it works better from the oils on the dogs skin. I haven’t seen a flea on him for 2 days, so waiting at least two week to see if it really works. Yard and home were treated as I hate bugs and don’t want an infestation.

            87. We live in the upper peninsula of Michigan and our 9-year-old male Golden Retriever has been wearing a Seresto collar since May. Yesterday I discovered fleas. Took him right into the groomer who said that we should think about calling an exterminator for the house since he was so infested. Due to his long coat and his lack of an allergic reaction to the bites, we weren’t aware of the fleas. So disappointed in this collar which has seemed to work in previous years.

            88. My dogs have been wearing the Seresto flee collar for over a month now and they are still crawling with fleas. Any suggestions? They are very expensive to pay for and they not work.

              Signed very concerned consumer.

            89. Fleas and ticks are a major problem here is SE MO. We have had these on two of our cats for about six months with excellent results and are going to put one on our Sheltie as soon as her Frontline wears off. The other cat has always had skin issues and she reacted to the collar so unfortunately we can’t put this collar on her and have to use other products – she often has ticks but the fleas seem to be under control. We have eliminatedcarpet from the house, which helps. We feel this is a wonderful product.

            90. Awful!!! Both of my doodles had reactions,one of them had to go to the vet & was prescribed antibiotics & prednisone. Biggest mistake of my life buying this collar😩

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