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ArticlePro1Hello, hope all is well. My name is Dr. Dwight Alleyne and I have been practicing Veterinary Medicine for the last 8 years in Georgia. I am originally from New York but moved to Georgia shortly after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. I work exclusively with cats and dogs, but I am looking to branch out to work with exotics such as rabbit and ferrets.  I have a strong interest in surgery and have taken many continuing education classes to expand my experience.

So why start a blog? Once people find out what I do for a living, I often get pet health questions. These questions range from simple to more complicated issues. Even though I prefer not to think about my job outside of work, I found that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. People truly appreciate the information that I provide them. So I figured I might as well create blog to share this information. Please bear with me as this blog is currently under construction. There will likely be many changes as I build my experience as a blogger. My goal for this blog is to become a place where almost all pet questions can be answered.  Some future additions may include a bulletin board where people can post their missing pets, an emergency veterinary clinic finder for your area, and many more. Please come back and visit again. Feel free to leave me suggestions.

Thank You

Dr. Dwight Alleyne

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  1. Dr Alleyne,

    Congratulations on your website and blog! I’m enjoying reading every article and looking forward to more! Thank you for this valuable information

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