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Welcome to the Product reviews page. Below are a list of  products I have given reviews on. I will continue to add to this list. Some additional products that I will review include heartworm prevention, flea prevention, shampoos, technological products for pets, and other supplements. These reviews will be based on my experience as well as feedback from my clients. Please comeback and visit so you can check out these reviews.

ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box Review: The Savior for Regular Litter Box Maintenance

This question is for all cat owners.  If asked to raise your hands if you don’t enjoy cleaning your cat’s litter box, how many of you would raise them? I am sure most of you would. I know as a cat owner I certainly would have both hands raised high. This hatred for cleaning my cat’s … Read more


Can technology help us find our missing pets? A review of the TKstar Pet GPS Tracker

Pets that are missing are a major concern among pet owners. There are websites and social media pages dedicated to reuniting missing pets with their owner.. The clinic where I work at frequently get calls about missing pets and we have a bulletin board that is dedicated to missing pet posters. So there is a concerted effort to … Read more


Can you get DNA from Dog Feces?

Yes, it is true you can test for DNA in dog feces. I discovered this while having a conversation with  a relative of mine who recently moved to my area. They mentioned that they had to submit a DNA sample from their dog as part of their lease requirement.  I  was surprised by this information  so I decided to … Read more


The Best Flea Collar? Seresto Collar Product Review

It’s a bird! No it’s a plane! No it’s a super flea collar! Well maybe it is not a super flea collar, but compared to other flea collars, it is quite a superior product. Let’s face it, if you are still buying flea collars from the grocery store, you are not likely getting the flea … Read more


The Litter Genie Product Review

I have decided to review the Litter Genie cat litter disposal system. I just happened to find this product while I was shopping for cat litter liners on Amazon. This is very similar to the Diaper Genie System which control odors associated with soiled diapers. I was already familiar with the Diaper Genie System since … Read more

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How do you know if your pet is spayed?

There is a relatively new diagnostic product that allows veterinarians to determine if a pet is spayed or neutered without a surgical explore. Sometimes there are pets that have no medical history in regards to their spay/neuter status. A female can have an abdominal scar but that does not guarantee that she was spayed. All … Read more


Heartworm Preventative Reviews

  There are over a dozen products available for your dog and cat for heartworm prevention. There are oral forms, topical forms, and even an injectable form. With all those choices, how do you decide which is the best for your pet? Using my knowledge and experience as a veterinarian and feedback I have received … Read more


DNA Testing in Dogs

Part of my job as a veterinarian is to answer client questions. One of the most popular questions I get asked is, “Do you know what breeds make up my dog?” Sometimes the answer may be obvious to me if the dog is showing dominant traits of a particular breed. But what if it’s not? … Read more





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  1. Dr. Alleyne,

    Several months ago, we gave our dog Bailey rawhide chews that we bought at Petco. From what we could see, they didn’t have any added color or flavor. Poor Bailey threw up and got sick. Are rawhide chews good or bad for dogs? Can you recommend a better product for him to chew on? Thank you.

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