The Wiggleless Dog Back Brace: Product Review

Wiggleless dog back brace
Back pain is a common complaint we as veterinarians see in our canine patients. It usually becomes evident by the dog being hesitant to jump up or off furniture, yelping when being picked up, or a significant decrease in their activity
So what are some of the causes of back pain? Back pain can occur from a simple injury for example from excessive running or jumping . It can occur from trauma from either a fall or being hit by a car. But a common cause for back pain in many dogs is a ruptured or a bulging disc. These cause considerable discomfort because of pressure on the spinal cord.

The main objective for dealing with back pain includes managing the pain and preventing it from getting worse if possible. Managing the pain involves prescribing anti-inflammatory medications and other pain medication. Keeping the back from getting worse involves limited movement. I often instruct owners to keep their patient kenneled, leash walks only, and prevent them from jumping off or on furniture. Compliance for the latter can be a challenge because many pet owners want their pets to be free. This can frustrate me as a veterinarian when I am trying to help their pets.

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the manufacturers’ of the Wiggleless Dog Back Brace to try out their product on my patients. The patient I tried the product out on was a young 2-year-old mixed breed named Coco. The client’s complaint was that Coco seemed uncomfortable when jumping on and off furniture. On my exam I detected pain when I pressed on Coco’s back which confirmed the issue. So besides the usual pain protocol, I ordered that she wear the brace for at least 2 weeks knowing it may be difficult to restrict her activity otherwise. The brace fit Coco well and did not seem to restrict her movement at all. She seemed quite comfortable with it on. At the 2 week check up my physical exam revealed that she had no back pain and could return to her normal activity.

Wiggless Dog Back Brace
Coco in her Wiggleless Back Brace

After seeing these favorable results, I believe the the Wiggleless Dog Back Brace does an efficient job of stablizing the back therefore preventing further injury to the spine.  I will now use the Wiggleless Dog Back brace as part of my treatment protocol for back pain. I have comfort that even though my clients may not be as compliant in keeping their pets rested, the WigglelessDog Back Brace will do the job. This is a product I would definitely recommend to my fellow veterinary colleagues and any pet owners who have dogs who suffer from chronic back pain.

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