TKStar Pet GPS Tracker

Have The Comfort of Knowing Where Your Pet is At All Times

Introducing the TKStar GPS Pet Tracker


What is the TKStar GPS Tracker?

The TKSTAR Pet GPS Tracker uses cellular signals to monitor the location of your pet. It works with your smartphone to help you locate your pet anywhere there is a cellular signal.



Compact sized GPS Tracker

The TKStar Pet GPS Tracker is compact sized so it can be worn by most dogs. It comes with a collar that can be adjusted based on your dog's size.


Powerful and Beneficial Features

TKStar GPS Tracker has great features that will make you feel that your pet is secure

Pet GPS Tracker

Real time Tracking

With the TKStar Pet GPS tracker  phone app you can track your pet's whereabouts in real time. This makes it easier to tracker down your pet if they get lost.


Geo fence

This allows you to create custom alert zones of where you want your pet to stay. If your pet happens to wander out of these zones, you will receive a notification.  This allows you to retrieve your pet before they get lost





The TKStar Pet GPS Tracker is water proof so you don't have to worry about the elements outside interfering with its function.


SMS Text Commands

The TKStar Pet GPS tracker allows you to use text commands to receive location status, get battery status, and to set a battery saving mode.


Call to listen to surroundings

The TKStar Pet GPS tracker comes equipped with a microphone so you can actually call the GPS tracker and listen to your pet's surroundings.

SIM cards

Functions with GSM SIM Cards

The use of SIM cards allow you the flexibility of choosing a cellular network. It also gives you the control of your monthly charges.

What's Included

Everything you need is inside of the box


TKStar Pet GPS Collar

Tracking device that uses  cellular signals for GPS. Comes with a built in microphone which allows listening to surroundings.

Nylon Collar

Adjustable collar is included for you to place the device on. Collar is available in various collars  such as black, red, orange, and pink

Charging Accessories

A charging adapter is included with matching USB cord

Free AT& T Sim Card

As a courtesy we are including an AT&T SIM card that gives you access to a cellular network with great coverage. It also allow flexibility in getting a great price for monthly coverage

Free Shipping

Free Shipping to anywhere within the intercontinental USA. Shipping in most cases occurs within 2 business days

Are You Ready to Keep Your Pet Safe?


Order Details

Get The TKStar Pet GPS Tracker with all its wonderful features for a low price of $65


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