If you can’t Afford the Vet, You can’t Afford the Pet!

  Okay, I can admit this title can be a little misleading. This article is not meant to berate people who have financial issues when it comes to taking their pet to a veterinarian. The purpose is to offer tips to future and current pet owners on how to minimize your financial burden for your … Read more

Does a Grain Free Diet Help with Skin Allergies?

I never realized how controversial the topic of grain free diets was until I read a few blogs about this subject. With that being said, I wanted to state a few disclaimers. The purpose of this post is not to criticize or promote the use of grain free diets. It is to educate owners on … Read more

Can Animal lovers and Non Animal lovers Co-exist?

      I found this meme on my Facebook feed which is inspired by an article of clothing that has gone viral on social media. It made me think how one’s perspective or how they see things can influence what they think or do. I experience this in my career every day. How much … Read more