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This post will be a unique one for me. Instead of writing 400+ word article, I thought I would just ask my readers several questions. The answers of these questions will be what this post is made up of. So feel free to leave comments. Here are some questions for you to answer honestly preferably before viewing the video below. How do you view your pet? Is your pet like a family member? Is your pet a companion? Do you have a pet for your benefit or its benefit? Do you consider having a pet as a convenience or inconvenience? Do you see having a pet as a long term commitment? Below is a video that somebody shared on Facebook that I found quite insightful in regards to pet ownership. This video is slightly longer then 4 minutes, but it is important you watch it till the end to get the full impact of its message.


Now after watching this video has any of your answers to the questions posed changed? If they have changed how will that impact your attitude toward your pet?

I believe this video will touch many people’s hearts and may change some people’s attitude toward their pets. Maybe people will understand why there can be outrage over a cat dying by an arrow, or horses being underfed and many cases of animal abuse that don’t get as much media attention. One can only be hopeful.

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  1. the video isn’t available on here.

    I view having a pet as special. The pet is not there for YOUR convenience, and you aren’t there for IT’S convenience, but rather a symbiotic bond. You care for the pet and love it. The pet will reward you in it’s own way. You cannot expect the pet to be what you want it to be. You must let it show you love in it’s own special way.

    During it’s earlier years, my cat wasn’t much of a “lovey dovey” cat, it did not like to be held. But twice in my life when I experienced extreme sadness, the cat jumped on the couch and snuggled with me, even though snuggling was not normal for it.

  2. I view my pets as children. I have 2 weims, a pug, a doberman, and 3 cats. All rescues. They are my loyal companions, my best friends and I am there for their every need and yes, they are all very spoiled but I would not have it any other way. I sacrifice my needs for theirs if necessary. Just like I do for my human child.

  3. My pets are my children/family. I have 12 rescue dogs ranging in size from 4 pounds to 70 pounds, ages 2 to 14. I love them all dearly. I wish I had the resources for many more. Dogs (and all animals) should be treated with love and kindness and kept in a safe environment. All my dogs are allowed indoors at any time, via a dog door into my house. Some prefer to be outside and some prefer it inside–totally their choice, except for the ones under 10 pounds which are not allowed outside except between the hours of 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. due to raptors (owls and hawks). I live in an extremely rural area on 17 acres of land. My dogs are my life and my husband has come to accept this (as he knows where the door is if he were to object! LOL)

    • You have a pretty big family then with your 12 dogs. It seems like they have a good life with 17 acres of land to their disposal. I think we all wished that we would have unlimited resources so all the dogs in the world could have a good life.

  4. My Olivia is my baby girl. Love her like no other. I don’t care who thinks that is crazy. Love the blog. Come by and visit us at Pug Squared.

  5. sadly the video is now private and can not be viewed.

    You asked:
    How do you view your pet? not sure I understand the question. I view my cat as a cat, as a friend, as a child, as comfort, as love
    Is your pet like a family member? yes
    Is your pet a companion? yes
    Do you have a pet for your benefit or its benefit? yes. aka both
    Do you consider having a pet as a convenience or inconvenience? yes, once again both. Owning a pet is always an inconvenience, taking time to feed it, clean up after it, bathroom duties, etc.. but is convenient that is near by for love and companionship
    Do you see having a pet as a long term commitment? hopefully a 30 yr commitment.. but sadly I know it isn’t going to last that long

    I foster cats for a local shelter and as a result I have seven.

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