Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs: An Alternative for Pain Management?

Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs

Pain. It is something we hate to see in our dogs. Unfortunately, it can be one of the most common ailments in  pets especially as they get older.  A common reason for this is arthritis in the joints. In larger breed dogs, the hip joints are the most commonly affected. Common signs that are seen include a stiff walk, limping,  difficulty rising from a lying down position, and not wanting to jump up or down furniture. So what options do we have to treat these conditions? The first choice of treatment in most of these cases includes an anti-inflammatory. Common anti-inflammatories prescribed include Rimadyl, Deramaxx, or Previcox.  Even though these drugs can be very effective, there are dogs that can’t tolerate them. Some dogs are sensitive and experience gastrointestinal signs such as vomiting or diarrhea. There are also others who may have underlying kidney and liver disease in which these are contraindicated in these cases. So what options are available to these dogs?

Green lipped mussel for Dogs

Various joint supplements are commonly used as an adjunctive as well as an alternative for pain management in dogs. Unfortunately, many of these supplements alone may not provide enough pain relief especially in advanced cases of arthritis. At least that has been my experience with the many joint supplements that I prescribed over the years. Over the last 2 years I came across a newer supplement with an ingredient I was unfamiliar with which is Green Lipped Mussel. I was willing to try it but was not expecting any new or improved results with my patients. The specific product I prescribed is called Glyde which comes as a soft chew. It is one of a few products that contains Green Lipped Mussel to help with joint pain.  I was surprised at the feedback I got back from many of my clients. Many of them saw results in their pets only after a few days of treatment. Most joint supplements  note it can take up to 4 weeks before results are seen. Also many pet owners could find adequate pain relief with just the Green lipped mussel supplement alone.

Green lipped mussel for dogs

What is Green Lipped Mussel?

Green Lipped Mussel is a New Zealand shellfish that contains several important nutrients that help contribute to bone and joint health. The most important nutrients it has are nine different classes of glycoaminoglycans and an unique omega -3 Fatty acid called eicosatetrenoic acid (ETA). These nutrients are believed to help Green lipped mussel block pain at the molecular level by blocking specific mediators of the pain pathway. It can do this all without the side effects that are seen with NSAID’s. Green Lipped Mussel has been shown to help decrease gastrointestinal irritation because of its ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Is it a guarantee that Green Lipped Mussel can help every dog? No medicine has a 100 percent effectivity. But there is definitely  great promise in this ingredient. I will continue to prescribe it to my patients who suffer from chronic arthritis especially those who at risk for side effect of NSAIDS. I definitely recommend products  with this ingredient to those who are looking for an alternative to NSAID’s especially if they haven’t worked in the past.

One thought on “Green Lipped Mussel for Dogs: An Alternative for Pain Management?

  1. I purchased some green lipped muscel capsules for my malamute Bobby who wasn’t getting as much runs as she shud ,hands up my fault ,besides my failings she was a in a hard time gettin up an down ,this green lipped mussel ,only way I can describe it is bonkers absalutly bonkers.we all dream of a miracle booste but ave never seen one with my own eyes till now ,honestly this stuff is bonkers .three days after taking two of these a day Bobby is doing my head in ,can’t keep her from jumping on the bed or couch.all I will say is carful what you wish for because that inactive dog you have may end up bouncing on ya bed couch an doin ya head like are Bobby argh.but I will with all my new found hardships continue giving them to Bobby ,because ding dong my puppies back ha ha this stuff is truly bonkers.(3 days)

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