Itchy ears and shaking heads: Ear infections in dogs

If you are a pet owner , you have likely had experience with ear infections in dogs. It usually starts as head shaking and scratching at the ears. Sometimes discharge may be noted in the ears. Typically the discharge can either be black discharge, or in severe cases pus may be noted in the ears. The … Read more

Why is my dog limping?

  Limping in dogs is probably one of the most common symptoms seen in veterinary medicine. Dogs of all ages can experience this symptom for various reasons. What are common reasons for limping? When is this symptom serious enough to require a veterinary visit? What are ways to diagnose the cause of limping? These are … Read more

Can technology help us find our missing pets? A review of the TKstar Pet GPS Tracker

Pets that are missing are a major concern among pet owners. There are websites and social media pages dedicated to reuniting missing pets with their owner.. The clinic where I work at frequently get calls about missing pets and we have a bulletin board that is dedicated to missing pet posters. So there is a concerted effort to … Read more

How to know it’s time to take your pet to an emergency veterinarian?

Whenever a pet gets sick, it is almost always a concern for the owner if it is something serious. Here are some examples of questions that may come to mind:    Do I need to worry about it or will it go away on its own?  Should I take my pet to the veterinarian?  Is this urgent and … Read more

Perspective on the spay neuter debate: Is altering safe for your pets?

The spay neuter debate is nothing new in the blogosphere, but it hasn’t reached the boiling point like other controversial topics. But a study released in 2013 stoked these debate flames somewhat. This study released in 2013 demonstrated a correlation between spay neuter and certain medical conditions in golden retrievers. I have included a link to the article for … Read more