10 Things Your Veterinarian Will Not Tell You. (At Least Not to Your Face!)

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your veterinarian’s clinic? Here are 10 things listed below that you may not be aware of unless you happen to  work in the veterinary field. # 1 Nothing angers a veterinarian more when an owner comes in with designer clothes, designer apparel, and a luxury car … Read more

Pet Health Advice on the Internet: A dangerous combination?

  As a veterinarian when I hear the words pet health advice on the internet I often cringe on what could come next. What is interesting is that many of my clients who admit to searching the internet for pet health advice understand it is not always  the best place for it. This is made evident … Read more

10 years a Veterinarian: A lifelong learning experience

Ten years ago this month, I was walking across the stage accepting my  veterinary diploma after successfully completing an arduous course of study in veterinary medicine. This was one of my happiest moments in my lifetime. I worked so hard  for my veterinary degree and was successful. Now here I am ten years later reflecting on that … Read more

Can Bones Contribute to Food Allergies?: Food Residue Syndrome

There is an ongoing debate on which is the best diet for pets. There are people who are advocates for grain free diets or limited ingredient diets, while others favor feeding a raw diet. Now there is some new research that other factors have to be  considered when selecting the best diet for your pet. I came across research articles that describes … Read more

Are medications poisoning your pets? A veterinarian’s perspective.

If you have read your fair share of pet articles  you have probably come across a few that have been critical of traditional medications prescribed by veterinarians. It seems like the most common products that are targeted are flea/tick products and heartworm medications. I have often seen these products described as poison for pets. So … Read more

Can technology help us find our missing pets? A review of the TKstar Pet GPS Tracker

Pets that are missing are a major concern among pet owners. There are websites and social media pages dedicated to reuniting missing pets with their owner.. The clinic where I work at frequently get calls about missing pets and we have a bulletin board that is dedicated to missing pet posters. So there is a concerted effort to … Read more