10 Things Your Veterinarian Will Not Tell You. (At Least Not to Your Face!)

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your veterinarian’s clinic? Here are 10 things listed below that you may not be aware of unless you happen to  work in the veterinary field. # 1 Nothing angers a veterinarian more when an owner comes in with designer clothes, designer apparel, and a luxury car … Read more

8 Ways to Avoid Taking your Pet to the Emergency Clinic

An emergency can occur at anytime with our pets. Unfortunately, it often occurs at the most inconvenient time and can lead to an unexpected financial burden.  While some emergencies are completely unavoidable,  there are a fair amount of emergencies that are avoidable. Here are a few tips that can help minimize the risk that your … Read more

Is the Cost of Veterinary Care Expensive?

    Some pet owners would give a definitive answer of yes for this question. But the true answer lies behind several factors. If you are a pet owner, you likely will experience the cost of veterinary care sometime during their lifetime.  There are different factors that will affect how your experience will be. Some of these factors may include … Read more

Allergy testing in pets: The best way to deal with allergies?

  Allergies are a common issue in our pets especially in the  warmer months of the year. They lead  to inflamed skin, ear infections, hair loss, and severe itching. So most, if not all of us want to give our pets relief as quickly as possible. So what’s the best way to accomplish this? Are shampoos … Read more

Itchy ears and shaking heads: Ear infections in dogs

If you are a pet owner , you have likely had experience with ear infections in dogs. It usually starts as head shaking and scratching at the ears. Sometimes discharge may be noted in the ears. Typically the discharge can either be black discharge, or in severe cases pus may be noted in the ears. The … Read more