10 Things Your Veterinarian Will Not Tell You. (At Least Not to Your Face!)


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at your veterinarian’s clinic? Here are 10 things listed below that you may not be aware of unless you happen to  work in the veterinary field.

# 1

Nothing angers a veterinarian more when an owner comes in with designer clothes, designer apparel, and a luxury car but wants to haggle prices for care of their ill pet.

# 2

Veterinarians are more afraid of your little dog than your Pitbull, Rottweiler, or your German Shepherd because they are more likely to bite despite their cute outfits.  Besides when the little ones strike, they strike with great accuracy.

# 3

If you are unreasonably rude to the staff, it will most likely be noted in the chart somehow so the staff can be prepared for your “attitude” at your next visit.

# 4

Nothing annoys a veterinarian more when a client brings in a patient with a large tumor or growth  and then states that “I just noticed it yesterday”

# 5

Another pet peeve is when an owner is adamant that they get a diagnosis for their pet’s illness but is unwilling to pay for testing.

# 6

Sometimes veterinarians will do stuff for free if they sense that an owner is doing all they can to help their pet.

# 7

Euthanasia of your pets can be just as emotionally difficult if not more for your veterinarian, especially if your pet is one of many that day.

# 8

Another pet peeve is when an owner decides their pets illness is an emergency five minutes before closing when the pet has been that sick for a week.

# 9

Just because you don’t see fleas on your pets and we find them during the exam doesn’t mean we planted them on your pet. Trust me there is no conspiracy here.

# 10

If MOST veterinarians were in the field for the money, this is not the career we would have chosen. With the amount of time  and money spent on our education we could have chosen careers that pay way more than our current salary.


There you have it. Just a sample of what could be going on behind the scenes at your very own veterinary clinic.

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